Aptrad’s 2nd International Conference
Conference for freelance translators and interpreters 17-19 May, 2018 - Porto, Portugal
Steve Dyson

Born 24 September 1947 in Melbourne, Australia.
Nationalities: Australian + Portuguese. 
BSc (physics & maths) 1968, University of Melbourne.
Mentioned in: A world of change (ITI Bulletin Jan-Feb 2015).
Swimmer. Currently training for 3000m open water and 800m pool events at 17th FINA World Masters Championships to be held in Budapest in August.

Professional freelance French-to-English translator since 1973.

1994 – 2012: freelance translator to the French naval defence industry (DCNS, Thales, Mer et Marine, etc.)
2012 – present: freelance translator to M&M.


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Waffle is worst and technical journalism is special

Presentation in:

A short talk about types of translation.

Or more specifically, the categories encountered in the non-literary marketplace. The general vs technical dichotomy has been around forever, but is generally inadequate. Quality translation increasingly means translation by subject specialists which in turn demands careful job classification by subject. A closer look at two categories you may never have considered as such.

First ‘waffle’ meaning texts that say little or nothing, but nevertheless use a lot of words. Despite the fact that hardly anyone sees ‘waffle’ as a category, the worst cases can be a translator’s nightmare and a financial disaster.

Second ‘technical journalism’ — my own speciality when the subject matter is naval or maritime — which comes in two flavours, namely technical journalism for a general readership and technical journalism for a specialist readership. You will, I think, be surprised to learn just how much this type of texts differs from others and how many resources need to be deployed to meet the challenges.

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