Aptrad’s 2nd International Conference
Conference for freelance translators and interpreters 17-19 May, 2018 - Porto, Portugal
Thank you for having joined us in Porto for Aptrad’s 2nd International Conference! See you in 2020!

AGPTI (Galician Association of Translation and Interpreting Professionals) was founded in 2001 to establish a joint working platform to provide support to all the individuals who practice this profession in Galicia. This is coupled to the commitment towards the Galician language, in the awareness that translation and interpreting are relevant drivers to assist in standardising the language. AGPTI now comprises 120 members.

The Association's main task is to provide support and advice to its members. This includes ongoing training programs, defending, and giving visibility to the profession.

In this respect, the Association has always striven to engage in collaboration schemes with other associations and organisations in Galicia, Spain and Europe; and contributes to the development of many projects, valuable exchange of information, and better coordination of proposals with a view to strengthening the profession. Among others, AGPTI is a member of Red Vértice, a platform that brings together the major professional associations in translation, interpreting, and proofreading currently active in Spain; and also of Foro Reimprímete, a sectoral forum involving Galician entities related to the process of creating value for books.

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